Thursday, January 24, 2008

If You Can Dodge A Wrench

Last night Stephen and I played dodge ball with some of my colleagues from work, and I can't tell you how much fun it was! It felt straight out of Dodgeball the movie. There was a guy on a team we played who had bigger man boobs than I have natural ones, and he reminded me so much of Ben Stiller's character! He straight-up cheated the entire time! Despite this, I was impressed with how many women were out playing, which leads me to an observation about the women up here.
For the most part the women up here are F-I-T. They're all toned and look like they spend hours at the gym. And it seems, for the most part, like most of them do. Many of the conversations I hear from my co-workers is that they're going to the gym after work, which has prompted me to want to join a gym (especially if I can start looking fit like the women up here.) My motivation has tripled since it was announced on Tuesday at our agency's kick-off party that one of our new benefits for 2008 is a $1,000 stipend for health and fitness. This is in addition to the $150 stipend I get from my health insurance provider. So the $1,150 I now get will surely pay my monthly membership dues at a health club, now I'm in the process of researching clubs in the area to see which option is right for me. In the meantime I'll keep playing on the dodge ball team and hopefully playing with Stephen's volleyball team at work; that should help start me on my way to becoming fit.

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Martha Elaine Belden said...

wow. what a shirt.

and that's awesome they give you guys a fitness stipend!! hell, if i had one of those, i'd be a gym member, too.

i'm hoping to be able to afford one with this job though. here's hoping!