Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Learnings From Project One - The Carpet

  • Tearing out carpet is disgusting, especially when the carpet is 40 years old.
  • There's a good chance the carpet pad underneath will disintegrate on contact with air.
  • Always have fun - it makes things so much easier
  • If it seems too easy, brace for the hardship, because it's coming (and it came... in the form of a stairwell runner)
  • Plumber's crack is funny, even when you're not a plumber and ESPECIALLY after 9 hours of removing carpet, tack and staples from 4 rooms and 15 stairs.
  • Shop vacs are the greatest invention known to man - they pick up the biggest piles of disintegrated carpet with the greatest of ease.
  • When all is said and done, and you've actually completed your project, you feel pretty good.

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