Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christmas Came Early for Me - Yippee!

I don't consider myself an exceptionally lucky person, but holy wow did I hit the jackpot this time! I recently entered an APART giveaway on The Lil Bee for a chance to win a $200 gift certificate. I picked this stunning Diamante Tiered Mini Dress as my wish list item I'd buy in a heartbeat if I won the gift certificate, and guess what?!?! 

The amazing/wonderful/awesome/badass folks at APART did the most unheard of thing, and gave EVERYONE the item on their wish list! That's right! All 157 lucky ladies who entered the drawing WON! 

Seriously, I don't remember feeling this lucky! When you try to win on a blog as well respected and well read as The Lil Bee, you never think you stand a chance of winning. So all I can say is the biggest THANK YOU! to both Melisa and the great folks at APART. I know I speak for all of us lucky ladies when I say that what you did was beyond what anyone could ask for.


Julie-Inspired Shares said...

Wow! That's amazing...sounds like something Oprah would do...he,he.

Enjoy it, and have a great weekend! I guess you know what you're wearing for new years this year!

Julie xo

Kristin said...

One, la Bee is one of my very favorite bloggers. She's such a sweetie! I can't wait to see her again...2. That is a killer win lady! Hope you had a fab holiday and thanks for becoming a Rosebud! xoxo

Michele said...

Julie, it does sound like something Oprah would do, right? I guess I have an idea now of what it feels like to be on her show!

Michele said...

Thanks Kristin, so happy to finally be a Rosebud!

I'd love to meet Bee someday! Her blog is one of my faves, and seriously, how cute is her kid?! I can't wait for Baby Bee #2!