Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Still a Tech Retard Blogging from Couch 1.0

It doesn't matter that my boyfriend is an engineer genius - I will likely never be that technologically savvy. But before I get into that I need to say that I'm blogging from couch 1.0. WTF does that mean? It means I got half my couch delivered today. hooray! We have half a couch for me to blog from. The other half should be here in two weeks, but at least now we have two corners and an ottoman, or even better, a place to sit down!

But I digress...

Why a tech retard? Because I went to Stop & Shop and tried the new scanner system, and because I FAILED. I couldn't figure out how to use my scanner at the check-out line and close out my ticket. It took about 5 minutes - and 2 frustrated customers behind me - to get it solved. Talk about a nightmare! But I'd like to think it's mostly the fault of Stop & Shop for their poorly explained instructions and not my aptitude - or lack thereof.

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