Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Anniversary

It's unofficially our two year anniversary. I say unofficially because we never really locked in a date on our togetherness. We met 2 years ago on this day and have been inseparable ever since (minus the 7-month stint where we dated long distance.)

So to celebrate our anniversary, I'm tieing in the gift I was going to make Stephen for Valentine's Day but never did because it was sort of cheesy (and the quality of pictures from the Web don't transfer to paper very well, at least for a novice like myself.) Many of you know the site I love you more than blank where you could submit all the things you love your SO more than. Some of these are mine, some of them are not, but these are just a representation of the things I place below my love for Stephen:

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Bean said...

happy anniversary! i did this for my bf too. i might just have to blog about it :)