Thursday, March 12, 2009

Working on the House, Round 2

Ever since Stephen and I busted our butts getting the house ready for our housewarming party in July (see here and here) we've admittedly done little else. So I was excited when Stephen called last night to say he was at Kohl's and needed my help picking things out.

At first I thought he meant clothes, which I have no problem doing, but sometimes shopping with him is difficult (hello, the man is 6'4" with broad shoulders, small waist and big ol booty); however, I was wrong. He decided to take the plunge and buy housewares because someone - ahem, me - has failed to do any of it.

Now let me clarify; I did repaint the dining room since I wasn't a fan of the chai latte, and we did get a couch. I've also bought curtain rods and curtains for the guest bedroom. But I've admittedly done little else. I stare at both bedrooms that still have wall paper and cringe, and I've yet to do anything about it.

Well, that changes now. We've bought some artwork for the walls and new linens to match the lavender lavatory, so that is my motivation to get the rest of the house done. I'll be making a little trip to my favorite toy store after work tonight to get some goodies to start re-working on the house

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