Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Longing for Texas

Even though we just got back from Texas (where it was a breezy 105 degrees each day we were there) it's August, which is about the time I start longing for Texas.

WHY would I long for Texas in August, when the heat is sweltering, you ask? Well, I guess it's not just Texas I long for in August. What I really long for is the feeling in the South that comes in August.


That's right. In August, Texas is gearing up for holy season, aka football.

For the next four months my Saturdays will be consumed with (among others): my beloved Red Raiders, my beloved Spartans (my honorary team), Lee Corso, player stats, Tuberville's role in taking us to the next level and, of course, trash talking my Aggie friends (one of my favorite past times!)


Devon said...

The countdown has begun... There is nothing better than football season! Go Tech!

Becky Mochaface said...

Bring it on Raider. Bring. It. On.

Gig 'em Aggies! BTHO Texas Tech!

Michele said...

Oh Becky. It.Is.On!

Devon - nothing better than football.