Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Gift of Being Valued

Today I learned that a former colleague from my Dallas agency  is finally moving on to the next step in her career. She described the feeling as bittersweet, and I know exactly what she means because I was there when I left the agency too. 

As I reflected on how awesome my old agency was (hey guys, miss you!), I can't help but think about how great my new agency is. It's challenging to be sure, but one of the things that makes it so right is that I feel like a valued team member. It's one thing to be treated like a cog in the wheel, and something totally different to know that you're valuable and valued by your employer. It makes all that hard work and time put into doing my job seem worth it.

So thank you company, for giving me a voice, for letting my voice be heard, for guiding me through a new and challenging position, and for trusting me and trusting in me. You guys rock!



Jolene said...

so glad to hear it!!! you ARE a valuable asset!!

Michele said...

Thanks for the kind words, Jo!

Kristin said...

There is nothing quite like being appreciated!