Friday, March 7, 2008

The Awesomest Girlfriend

It doesn't happen very often, but last night I was a super star girlfriend! No, strike that; I was the AWESOMEST girlfriend.

Yesterday was Stephen's birthday and I pulled out all the stops. As I mentioned in a post last week, we had his semi-surprise birthday party on Saturday night with some friends from his office. Everyone had a great time.

Us at The Burren - great Irish pub
Fran, Stephen, Dan, Aileen, Simone and Adnan (sorry for cutting off your head!)

Abby, Aileen, Simone and me

I've been so excited to give Stephen his presents and it couldn't have worked out any better. He came home frustrated because of some issues he had with his car that's in the repair shop from the accident he had back in December, so I knew that his presents would put him in a better mood.

First up, a fresh blueberry pie. Stephen prefers pie to cake and has been asking for a pie for his birthday. I told him I wouldn't get him a pie for his birthday because of everything else, but in the end I couldn't let him go without a pie.

Next was a framed photo of us for his office. He asked for this back at Christmas but I couldn't find a decent enough photo of us that would look good at his office. Ironically we took a great one at Christmas, so I was finally able to give him that gift.

Saving the best for last... Red Sox tickets. And not just any Red Sox tickets. Tickets to game 2 of the regular season. Tickets to see the Red Sox play his Detroit Tigers. It will be our first trip out to Fenway, and the look on his face when he saw those was priceless.

Normally I don't consider myself such a badass, but after last night who would argue with me? :)


Martha Elaine Belden said...


very nice. :)

Michele said...

why thank you! I try to be a good g/f sometimes.