Monday, February 23, 2009

And the Oscar Goes To


Well, it should, anyway, for having to sit through one of the most atrocious Academy Awards presentations. EVER.
Hugh Jackman was pretty funny in the opening skit when he busted out some serious dance moves. But then everything went downhill.

Fast forward 90 minutes when no "important" awards had been given out. Seriously. How do you make the Supporting Best Actress the first award handed out and then not do another relevant award for over 90 minutes?

The girls I was watching with wondered where Jay-Z was last night. My guess? Beyonce asked him to stay home while she flushed her career down the toilet by performing with Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. On what planet did someone think actors from High School Musical were qualified to perform at the Oscars. The Grammy's, maybe. But definitely not at the Oscars.

My favorite part of the whole night? Watching the very obvious chemistry between Diane Lane and husband Josh Brolin. Yowza!!! These two made things steamy just by looking at each other. We all died laughing when the camera caught Josh's hand resting in Diane's lap during the show.

Special thanks to my friend Molly for hosting a very fabulous evening! I had such a blast with you.


Becky Mochaface said...

Definitely am now glad I didn't watch it

Jessica said...

I kind of agree. I liked Hugh Jackman, he's adorable and seemed genuinely excited and honored to be hosting. But this is supposed to be the classiest of classy events.

I miss the days of Billy Crystal hosting in a light-hearted, funny way. When the jokes were funny and didn't lean toward trashy at all. When it was very exciting to watch the whole thing. I would rather them knock it down to an hour or two and do the really important stuff and leave out the fluff.

Sigh...and how awkward was it that any time Angelina was mentioned they showed Jennifer Aniston and vice-versa?