Thursday, February 12, 2009


Last week I coined the term cupcakeista for anyone who is passionate about all things cupcake. After baking the Baby Jesus Cake with Stephen's family at Christmas time, I've been giving a lot of serious consideration to exploring this passion and seeing where it leads me. I've often waxed poetic about how I would love to get into cake decoration as a side career and so I did some digging over the weekend and discovered the first thing I want to try:

The Margarita Cupcake

Thanks to Cupcake Project for posting this delicious recipe and the accompanying photo. After checking out this site and others, including I Heart Cuppycakes I've decided to start practicing my art and hopefully I'll be good enough to start testing my cupcakes and cake decorating out on my guinea pigs.*

*full disclosure: they have all volunteered with the exception of Stephen, but he never says no to anything I bake.

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Stef said...

Have fun with it! The margarita cupcakes are great! Just made some for V-day and used pink sugar around the rim and some little umbrellas. They looked really cute.