Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Funny Engagement Story

Before you get all excited, no... it's not mine. Another person I know bit the dust over the weekend and the story was too funny not to share.

Sheila and Pat go to Newport every year, late in the summer, so she knew something was up when he wanted to go to Newport this weekend. Plus he had to "pick up something" from his parents house.

Fast forward to Newport.

Pat insisted on eating dinner at 5 pm and then going for a walk on these cliffs (forgive me, I don't know Newport and don't know if that's what it's called, but apparently it overlooks the ocean.) At the point of the cliffs, Pat started fumbling for the right words and Sheila interrupted him and said, "I think I know what you're about to do."

Ladies (and gents if you read this), she HIJACKED THE PROPOSAL! How funny is that? She felt horrible, but Pat laughed it off and proceeded with his proposal.

I love this story and it goes to show that no matter how it happens, whether really elaborate or hijacked by the fiancee, the proposal story is always fantastic.

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Becky Mochaface said...

Bait and switch! I was all excited when I saw the headline and then I got mad because I though WTF? She didn't tell me! And then I read the post and laughed because hijacking a proposal is totally awesome.