Monday, May 17, 2010

A Very Long Trip

Just returned from a very looooong trip to Texas for my friend Ann's wedding.

We didn't make the wedding.

On Friday we left for the airport to make our flight and when we arrived there was a really long line. The A/A representative asked if we were going to Dallas or Miami, or somewhere else. Guess which line was the long one? You got it.

Thanks to a super storm cell, all flights to Dallas were canceled, which means we weren't getting to San Antonio. See, American Airlines' hub is in Dallas and all flights to anywhere else must go through Dallas. So we waited to rebook our flight. And we waited.

After waiting for 90 minutes we finally got through the line only to hear they had rebooked us for 2 pm on Saturday to get us to San Antonio around 8 pm on Saturday. Did I mention that Ann's wedding started at 4? Oh, and there's no way to get us anywhere near Texas until Saturday?

So it took about 30 more minutes of crazy routes for our agent to see that 2 direct flights to Dallas had been canceled on Saturday morning, and we could catch a connecting flight to San Antonio and make it there at 4 pm, which gave us time to make the start of the reception (although super bummed about missing the wedding.)

So at 6 am on Saturday I drove Stephen to the airport, drove home and hopped the T to catch my flight 2 hours after his. We caught an earlier connecting flight and arrived in San Antonio at 3:30. We quickly changed into our wedding attire in the airport bathrooms , then waited 30 minutes for our rental car's shuttle to pick us up (it never came, thank you Advantage Rent-a-Car). Thankfully Alamo had available cars, so we hopped their Shuttle and away we went. We walked in at 5 pm (cocktail hour for the reception) and had a great time.

I've never had to work so hard to get to a wedding, but it was so worth seeing one of my dearest friends get married. The bride was beautiful and the wedding was as fun as I imagined.

Pictures soon. Sorry for any typos, we hopped a plane back to Boston 22 hours after we arrived in San Antonio. I'm more than a little exhausted.


Becky Mochaface said...

Major travel suck! Glad you guys were able to get there.

Pop.Bop.Shop Girl - said...

You are my hero. I would have had a nervous breakdown.