Tuesday, May 4, 2010

On the hunt: iPod

Don't laugh, but this is my iPod. It's the 1 Gen Shuffle and I paid $10 for it years ago. It went kaput on my recent trip to Dallas and I'm on the hunt for a new one. If I could get this version again I would (but alas, a search on eBay only has 3 and 4 gen), so I'm leaning toward a new iPod Nano. Only downside? They're pretty expensive (around $200.) I have a feeling I'll break down and get the Nano because the weather is gorgeous and I can't run without an iPod (it's a curse I tell you!).

Anyone have thoughts about which iPod I should get?


~S said...

I have the nano in hot pink and loooove it.

Jessica said...

Do you not want one of the newer shuffles that clip onto your shirt? Those are awesome for running...no bouncing around or needing special arm wear. Just clip and go!

At my house the iPod thing is ridiculous. We have: 2 iPhones, an iTouch, 2 shuffles, and a Nano. And not a single Mac in the house...redonkulous!

Becky Mochaface said...

I love my iPod video classic whatever it is. I can't even remember because I just keep getting the same one replaced with the warranty every time it gives out. It breaks my heart but I love it just the same.