Sunday, June 13, 2010

It Finally Happened

I've been in Boston for 2.5 years now (really? Did I just read that right? It's been that long?) and I make no secret of the fact that people here are HORRIBLE drivers. So it's quite surprising to me that after 2.5 years of driving with crazy people (not to mention snow, ice and the like) someone finally hit my car.

Strike that, a semi truck hit my car. Apparently if you're a truck driver and make a wrong turn on a rotary, you can just back up (regardless of vehicles behind you) to get to the right exit. Even worse? I flagged down the truck driver to let him know he hit me, he pulled over, and when he said he was going to his truck to get his insurance, he drove off. What a jerk.

The good news? I'm ok, my car is ok (just minor damage in the bumper) and I got his license plate. I don't like being negative, but it's such a bummer when people don't take responsibility for their actions.

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Becky Mochaface said...

What a jackie! Glad you're okay though.