Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hello, Quickly Fading Youth? It's Me, Michele

Yesterday was my first trip to my new physician in Boston, and she confirmed what I've been denying for a while - my quickly arriving old age.

I got a clean bill of health from my lovely new doctor with the exception of the fact that I'm no longer allowed to run. Whatever lingering hopes/dreams/aspirations for a marathon one day in the distant future -- dashed. Just like that, my knees aren't healthy enough anymore.

I've been ordered to take up new forms of exercise that don't impact my knees as much - swimming, spin, Pilates. On occasion I can get on the elliptical machine to "simulate" running, but under no circumstances am I allowed to run on a treadmill. She said I could "treat" myself to a road run, but only rarely, and that if I'm thinking long term for my knees, I should probably not even try it.

I can't stand thinking of myself as old, and I especially hate hearing the words "you can't" but in this case, I really can't. I have to accept the fact that I'm getting older and my body is getting weaker. I just hope this is the last thing I hear I can't do for a while.


Kaileen Connelly said...

Sooo glad to hear you are healthy! Maybe we can get in the pool together ... I used to teach water aerobics and love swimming! ;)

Lindsey said...

I know your pain, Michelle! After my knee surgery, I've pretty much been blessed with the knees of a 70 year-old.

I started taking up biking a few years ago and participated in a couple 50 mile road races. They are really fun and I found it slimmed my legs down more than running. Plus, my knees don't feel like they want to fall off :)