Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Think I'll Pass

Ever since I got the word from the good doctor last week about not running, I've had the uncontrollable urge to run. This is who I am: the girl who won't listen to the words "you can't."

Every time I hear "you can't" I set out to prove that I can, and so that's how it's going to be with running. Why not enjoy running until my knees give out? Not running won't make them heal and I have a feeling I'll have to get a knee replacement later in life anyway, so why shouldn't I run while I still can?


Jessica said...

I'm NOT advising you to give up. But I do want to let you know that if the doctor says your knees are going to get everything in your power to protect them. Take it from someone who has severe arthritis in hers, married to a husband who has had THREE knee surgeries and will likely need both replaced in the next 10 years (he's 31), with 2 in-laws and 3 grandparents who have had their knees replaced...

TAKE CARE OF YOUR KNEES! I promise it's not worth it to run them out while you can!

I would try to find alternate ways to feed the need....I don't like giving up, but knee replacement (even at a young age) is incredibly taxing!

Kaileen Connelly said...

I agree with Jessica - knee replacements cannot be fun!!!!

Seriously, that means time off work, time off from working out and PAIN! Not fun.

Just find another activity!