Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Musings

I had a few random musings this morning while I was making my toast, so I thought I'd share: 

Everything has a place/must match: Are you as fixated as I am about everything having a proper place? We have mis-matched plates in our cupboard, and it drives me bonkers if the matching sets aren't stacked together. It's the same with my closet. Colors must be matched together and in order from tanks to long sleeve/sweaters. Is this just me? 

WTF Shoes:

I didn't think about these shoes while I was making toast. I came across these things while searching for a photo about something pondering on their musings. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm all about creative pumps and having fun with your footwear, but WTF is up with these shoes? Seriously, would anyone wear these? 

When did I become such a sap?: Lately, it seems that I cry about everything. Animal cruelty case on the news? I'm choking back tears. The weekly list of soldiers who died serving this country. Water works. Pick any TV show with even a hint of a sappy story line and chances are I'm bawling. I wouldn't even care so much, except that it makes me wonder how much more emotional I'll be if/when we have kids.


Becky Mochaface said...

Those shoes are hideous. Why would anyone think they were a good idea?

Jessica said...

First of all, I think those shoes are fab and you should buy them and take lots of pictures in your Shabby Apple dresses and horse boots so we can see how fab they are IRL.

Second, the sappy's RIDICULOUS. When you have kids you'll find yourself literally cutting out huge chunks of you life to avoid waterworks. John and I both immediately switch the channel when ASPCA commercials come on. I stopped watching Law and Order: SVU. I also cannot read blogs about sick babies anymore, and used to I read them and prayed for those families...I can't so it anymore.

Because before kids, I felt empathy for those things. But now I can relate it to something so personal. "If that was my baby"..."they're Colt's age"..."he looks just like Owen". It's overwhelming.

But in other news, I can't wait for you to have kids to experience all that!! Heehee...